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Cebu, Bacolod and Iloilo

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Faith Heaven sent Finding a unique shot of the cross

Everyday life Rays Cebu below View from the top Specs Making a face Are we there yet Sad to go Contemplative Capturing her point of view Shot of the mountain Still calm Perfect shot Patiently waiting On our way home Walking along the view Cola paradise Taming it Wind vane Perfect time of the day Admiration Relaxed exploration Loving it Can I have this Cave entrance Endless In their playground Crawling creature Towards the green Orangest Flowing out Path Left view Another kind of green Unwater map Old but breathtaking I was on top How do I get there Would love to go there In between rocks Clean and clear Island overload Connections Channel Right side Edge Our boat Blended brown On their way to work Abandoned Waiting to sail Boat Festive house Perfect for me Looking for the perfect view Hut Shore Burning Old lamp Hamming it up Reflections Just a boat Sky is opening No sunset Sand Still water Yum Sentimental madness Looking for our island

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